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To attract and retain the best and the brightest workers, many companies are now offering retirement plans as an employee benefit. The design, implementation and ongoing administration of a qualified retirement plan that achieves an employer's business goals can be tedious.

At Town and Country Bank, we offer a turnkey approach. Plan design, implementation, ongoing administration and investment fiduciary services minimize an employer's (the plan sponsor) fiduciary liability that is set forth under regulations governing qualified retirement plans.

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Investment Management is the professional management of various securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) and assets (real estate, art, jewelry) in order to meet the investor's requested investment goals.

If you are looking for an investment manager, we advise you to evaluate the organizations by using the 3-P's of investment management — Philosophy, Process and People.

Philosophy is the belief the organization has about the services they offer. At Town and Country Bank our philosophy is simple. We want to work side by side with our clients to ensure their individual financial goals are achieved. We want you to know what we are doing every step of the way, why we are doing it and outline the results you should expect.

Process is the way the overall philosophy is implemented. How do they determine an investment strategy? What assets are chosen as suitable investments? How do they decide what to buy and sell and when? What controls are in place to evaluate the holdings in an account and how often are they monitored? These questions among many others are addressed by Town and Country's professional staff prior to entering into an investment relationship.

People are the individuals you will work with on a daily basis. Town and Country employs a professional staff that has over 66 years of combined experience in the investment management field. We have the experience and the focus to tailor an investment plan, specifically for you, to ensure your financial goals are attained.

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Farmland, especially in states like Illinois, can make up a significant portion of an individual's estate. Many individuals want to make sure the property is maintained in the family for generations to come. Town and Country Bank has the expertise to ensure the farm is managed appropriately for present and future generations. We can also assist you in your estate planning to take advantage of taxation issues associated with farm ownership.

Town and Country Bank offers safekeeping services for firms or for individual financial assets. As custodian, we arrange for the purchase or sale of assets, collect income on those assets and administer voluntary or involuntary corporate actions on the securities. We often perform additional services for clients as their needs warrant. Custodial services are available for retirement accounts as well as investment relationships.

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