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USDA Rural Development Loans: A Guide for Rural Homebuyers in Illinois

Published: 07/18/2019

Are you a small-town or rural resident looking for affordable mortgage options in Illinois? Town and Country Bank is proud to be an approved lender for the USDA?s Rural Development Home Loan program.

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Plan Your Summer Party on a Budget

Published: 07/15/2019

It's Summer time, which means long days spent by the pool and evenings filled with good friends and food. Everyone loves a tasty backyard barbeque, but the costs of hosting one can be a little discouraging. That's why it's important to budget and prepare for your fun summer party!

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How to Reduce Closing Costs and Find Down Payment Assistance in Illinois

Published: 07/08/2019

Can you buy a home with no money down? Many would-be homeowners think the upfront costs are too expensive. However, not only is the answer to that question yes (for qualified buyers in certain loan programs), but you can also learn how to get money for a down payment so you don't have to save it all yourself.

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Want to Insure ALL of Your Money: We've Got You Covered with CDARS & ICS

Published: 07/08/19

Each depositor per bank is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, or FDIC, up to $250,000. That means, if the bank fails, the FDIC will reimburse you up to $250,000. But what if you have more money than that? We've got you covered.

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Preserve the Family Dynamic with a Corporate Trustee

Published: 07/01/2019

Planning for the future can be stressful, especially when it comes to family and distributing your assets. To determine where your assets go and who gets what, you should consider working with a knowledgeable professional.

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