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How Our Business Customers Can Make the Most of Cash Management

Published: 08/22/2019

Lara DeGroot, assistant vice president and Treasury Management Sales Officer for the Metro East Market, explains Cash Management, Town and Country Bank's online banking platform for businesses.

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What 30-Somethings Should Know About Investing

Published: 08/21/2019

It's never too late to start investing. However, the sooner is better. Begin investing now in order for your money to have more time to grow!

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Can I Buy a Vacation Home?

Published: 08/13/2019

Whether it's having a home by the ocean, the slopes, or the woods, the idea of running off to your private vacation spot is the stuff of dreams. Maybe it doesn't have to be.

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Financial Planning for College: What You Need to Know

Published: 08/08/2019

For many families, the costs of sending your child off to college can be daunting, but financing your children's education doesn't have to be so scary.

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VA Loans: What are they and who is eligible?

Published: 08/07/2019

A VA Loan is a mortgage for veterans and military personnel who meet the VA's guidelines and is guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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