Mobile Banking and Features

We love when our customers visit us in person. But in today’s hectic world, we understand that can’t always happen. That is why we offer a great virtual experience as well. If you need to deposit a check, pay a bill, even transfer money to your child's account, you can do so through our enhanced Mobile Banking App. 

Mobile Banking 

Through our Mobile Banking solution, you can access your accounts, view account balances and transaction history, initiate transactions and pay bills - anytime, anywhere - safe and securely.

Account types including checking, certificates of deposit (CDs), money market accounts, loans and lines-of-credit are supported through Mobile Banking.  Confirmation of processed payments and funds transfers are sent via text message.

For iPhone users, the app may be downloaded via iTunes by clicking here.  For Android users, the app may be downloaded via Google Play by clicking here

Peoples Prosperity Bank, a division of Town and Country Bank, customers may download the app via iTunes by clicking here and via Google Play by clicking here.

For all other devices for Town and Country Bank and Peoples Prosperity Bank, visit

Mobile Deposits

Take a picture of your check and deposit right from your phone.  It is that easy!  This feature is available to individuals and small businesses.  You can conveniently deposit checks from a compatible smartphone, compliant tablet device or flatbed scanner - anytime, anywhere.  Both business-size and smaller personal checks may be deposited.  Now that is something to smile about!  Current customers can click here for complete instructions on how to use this feature.

Bank-to-Bank Transfers

We know you love Town and Country Bank but understand that you may have relationships with other financial institutions.  Through our Bank-to-Bank transfers, you can transfer money between accounts you have elsewhere (if you are a signer on the accounts).  Money will be in the designated account in 1-2 business days.  Current customers can click here for complete instructions on how to set up Bank-to-Bank Transfers.

Person-to-Person Payments

Have you ever owed your friend money because they bought lunch and you didn't have cash on you?  Now sending and receiving money from friends, family and colleagues couldn't be easier with Town and Country Bank's new Person-to-Person payment solution.

This function allows anyone from the United States with a bank account to send and receive money using a name and email address.  Using the same secure process as online banking bill pay transactions, money is deducted from the sender's account and deposited directly into the recipient's account in one to three business days.  The program sends payment confirmations to the recipient's email address. Current customers can click here for complete instructions on how to set up Person-to-Person payments.

Text Banking

Text banking allows you to quickly request and receive information via text message.  No need to sign in.  It's as secure as our other services.

Once you enroll through online banking, you can text a command to us at 89549.  We'll reply with your requested information in an instant.  Current customers can click here for complete instructions on how to set-up their Text Banking.

Not yet a customer but are interested in opening an account? Click here to open an account online.