CDs and CDARS for Business

Looking for a secure savings option?  Consider a Certificate of Deposit (CD) or CDARS.

Business CDs

For those with a little cash to spare, a business CD may be a good choice. Town and Country Bank offers CDs with terms ranging from three to 60 months, during which time your money will grow with interest. After the CDs term has expired, you can collect your savings along with the accrued interest.

CDARS for Business

Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service® – known as CDARS – is specifically designed to protect and grow multi-million dollar savings.  CDARS can be valuable cash-management tool for their:

  • Security. Your multi-million dollar savings is protected with FDIC insurance coverage.
  • Convenience. You earn one interest rate and receive one regular statement and one year-end tax form. Plus, you work directly with Town and Country Bank experts.
  • CD-level rates. Your money earns CD-level returns, which may beat other investment alternatives, including treasuries, corporate sweep accounts and money market funds.
  • Community support. The full value of your money can support lending opportunities in the Central Springfield area.

How it works

When you place your funds with Town and Country Bank, we place them into CDs issued by other banks in our special network in increments less than the standard FDIC insurance maximum, so both the principal and interest are eligible for FDIC protection.

The result: coverage from many banks while working with just one.

As we often say, there are few guarantees in life – and FDIC insurance is one of them. Learn more about the advantages of business CDs and CDARS from Harold Henry at 217.321.3613 or or Barb Weatherford at 217.321.3621 or